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Emily Bazelon is a senior editor at Slate, a contributing writer at the New York Times Magazine, and the Truman Capote Fellow for Creative Writing and Law at Yale Law School.
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Being a teenager has never been easy, but in recent years, with the rise of the Internet and social media, it has become exponentially more challenging.
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I wanted to tell you that before I read “Sticks and Stones,” I’d been struggling to find a way to approach a school bullying incident with one of my children. He was totally stonewalling me — he didn’t want to talk about it. But when I started to tell him about the book, he opened up, and we got the conversation started.” – KJ Dell’Antonia, from The New York Times‘ Motherlode blog.

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OK, Michigan Can Ban Affirmative Action

On the surface, the Supreme Court’s decision today to uphold Michigan’s ban on affirmative action looks pretty placid. “This case is not about the constitutionality, or the merits, of race-conscious admissions policies in higher education,” Justice Anthony Kennedy hastens to reassure in his pro-ban opinion. “Rather, the question concerns whether, and in what manner, voters in the States may choose to prohibit the consideration of such racial preferences.” In past cases, the court’s conservatives have gone up against states and universities that wanted to keep affirmative action. This time, they’re in the far more pleasant position of siding with Michigan voters, who banned race-based preferences in 2006. The voters acted after the Supreme Court allowed affirmative action to continue, as long as admissions officers didn’t rely on quotas, in a big important case that also came from Michigan in 2003.

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The Ukraine, You Saw, You Conquered Gabfest

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New York Times Reveals That Basically No One Investigated the Jameis Winston Rape Allegations

Thank you, Walt Bogdanich of the New York Times, for getting to the bottom of what went so horribly wrong in the investigation of the sexual assault accusation against Jameis Winston, Florida State University’s star quarterback. I’ve been writing about this case since news of it broke last November. There has been plenty to be suspicious about along the way. But I learned several key new facts reading Bogdanich’s masterful story, and it all makes the Tallahassee, Fla., police and FSU look much worse than I’d expected. Which is really saying something. Here’s the damning bottom line: “The New York Times has found that there was virtually no investigation at all, either by the police or the university.”

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We Wanted to Welcome You to Slate Plus

Here’s a warm welcome to Slate Plus from some of our favorite Slate writers.

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